Summer RV Camping in Canada

Summer RV Camping in Canada

Whether you’re sticking close to home or traveling cross country, a summer RV camping excursion guarantees unforgettable memories and sightseeing for everyone in tow.

You don’t have to venture far from home to experience the great outdoors. Canada offers so many beautiful and diverse sights to see all summer long.

Soak up the long days of summer by visiting some of these RV camping spots WE love exploring across Canada. To book an RV visit RvTravelCentral

Writing-On-Stone Campground

Our first pick showcases the abundant rock drawings and art of the Blackfoot people. This small southeastern Albertan park is rich in history with many petroglyphs and pictographs.

Experience the rare Canadian desert-like environment of sandstone cliffs, hoodoos, and badlands.

The area offers many guided and self-guided hikes; WE recommend the Hoodoo hike.

Enjoy the best of both worlds when the desert heat amps up with shady campsites close to the sandy beach along Milk River.

Tulabi Falls Campground

Quiet Nopiming Provincial Park has everything its southern park neighbor Whiteshell has to offer except one distinction – it doesn’t have an excessive number of tourists.

For adventurers who love exploring the wilderness more than meeting other campers, Nopiming is the perfect spot for some quiet reflection.

Its many lakes and streams make for incredible kayak courses through the Canadian Shield.

And keep a camera at the ready to capture regular sightings of moose, wolves and other forest regulars.

WE recommend setting up camp at Tulabi Falls Campground for great fishing and secluded shoreline access on the Bird River kayak course.

The Walking on Ancient Mountains Trail is worth the drive and offers the highest views of the timberland returning from a historical fire three decades ago.

George Lake Campground

Just five hours north of Toronto, this picturesque provincial park has inspired artists and adventurers alike with its white quartzite slopes, crisp blue skies, and tall jack pines.

Known for its paddling and ocean kayaking as well as climbing trails. WE recommend the George Lake campground as a home base for its four lake-passageways and some of the best trailheads.

For the best view of this provincial park, climb the La Cloche Silhouette trail to the highest point of the rock edge known as “The Crack”.

And for a more challenging hike worth the views try the Granite Ridge Trail.

Plenty of paddling with access to so many lakes and endless shoreline to explore along Georgian Bay.

Trout River Campground

WE love the Trout River Campground in Gros Morne, perfect for exploring the expansive freshwater lakes and Tablelands region – one of the few spots on the planet where the Earth’s mantle is exposed.

Enjoy the views camping right along the shore of Trout River Pond, a small 15 km lake great for kayaking.

Hikers be sure to hit up the Overfalls, Green Gardens, and Lookout trails for waterfront views.

Kathleen Lake Campground

Although the western part of Kluane might be secured in ice, the eastern periphery offers great trails, paddling, and fishing.

Kathleen Lake Campground has everything to offer in a secluded, untamed wilderness perfect for the solitary adventurer.

Climbers can kick off right from the campsite to explore the King’s Throne Summit, a steep trip that brings you to the highest point above Kathleen Lake. Enjoy the beautiful snow topped mountain views to the west.

The nearby Auriol trail is also a great hike and sightseeing companies offer flights for sightseeing the great ice sheets in nearby Haines Junction.

A Canadian RV Adventure

The above spots are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great summer RV camping.

Camping in Canada offers endless adventure options. Whatever your interest is, whether an avid hiker, kayaker or just plain R&R enthusiast, there’s something for everyone this summer.

WE say happy trails!

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