TEN Canadian Outdoor Inspiration Blogs WE Love

TEN Canadian Outdoor Inspiration Blogs WE Love

WE are always seeking inspiration from all corners of North America. And today we share with you a few Canadian blogs WE love to stay caught up with for their personal experiences, inspiring photography, recipes, destination recommendations, and of course camping.

So here goes, in no particular order …..explore our list of our top 10 Inspiring Canadian Blogs WE curated for you to bookmark and consult when mapping out your escapes.

1. Happiest Outdoors

WE love to read up on Taryn over at Happiest Outdoors. Based out of Vancouver, she is an avid hiker with loads of tips and we enjoy taking in her adventures, reviews, and especially love her passion for Leave No Trace as an advocate and trainer. While she has lots of information to offer for the province of British Columbia, Happiest Outdoors is also a global travel blog with personal insight from all over.

2. Play Outside Guide

One of our favourite Alberta outdoor bloggers to keep up to speed on is Karen, the fun loving personality behind Play Outside Guide. Based out of Calgary with the Canadian Rockies at her doorstep, Karen and her young family embark on some pretty fun adventures, are Alberta Parks Amnassadors and just have loads of information from family friendly adventures, campsite reviews, where to eat, where to stay, what to bring and travel dispatches. Basically true to her mission, Karen provides “everything you need to know to get outside and have fun.”

3. Sometimes Eventful

Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Gayle is the camping, hiking, geocaching, travelling enthusiast, lover of paddling lakes, adventurous lady behind Sometimes Eventful. WE have been admiring her experiences for some time now. Gayle is also a Wildnerness Day Hike Leader for Hike Ontario and is an avid conservationist and Halton Parks People Amassador. So it is safe to safe, she knows her stuff and is happy to share her knowledge.

4. S’mores and Sundresses

First of all the ladies over here at the WE Camp Collective Journal just LOVE the name of this blog out of Ontario! And with the confident claim of being a Camping Goddess, Denise makes us want to know more, learn more, be more. Who doesn’t love a goddess – a camp goddess even!? This blog was a stumble upon and WE are so glad we tripped. Insta-bookmarked!

With a fun attitude, Denise shares beautiful recipes, activies and stories with wit. Her clever ideas and desire to share we think really will make you look like the “Queen ( or King) of All Things Camping.” She has published two books: Menu-Planning for Campers which contains some great recipes and camp food ideas and tricks. And her follow-up book: Camping With Littles: What to Pack for a Successful and Fun Family Trip.

5. Full Time Canada

Pretty sure WE have RV trailer envy here. Yep! Hands up – WE want in on this full time living the dream. Adam, Kate, their dog Bella (from Plaster Rock, NB who is a doggy blogger) and their cat Paris Frances, literally motor their way around around Canada “workamping.” These former broadcasters, seek out new inspiring scenery and have learned many lessons along the way that they happily share to inspire others to ditch 9 – 5 and literally go RVing.

6. Merry About Town

“Alabaman” {is that a word!?} turned Albertan, Merry moved from Texas and used blogging to keep her American family and friends updated on her newfound Canadian adventures. Merry About Town is more of a travel and lifestyle blog, touching on all aspects of her life with her family – so this blog has a ton of relatable content across the board. What really drew us in? WE remember the day when we saw her announcment on Instagram that she was “Dragging Miss Daisy” her beautiful Shasta trailer, her husband, son and dog for an extended roadtrip – involving home schooling! A brave mom – WE love her dispatches from her travels, recipes and just her attitude.

7. KMS Outdoors

WE had the privilege of meeting Kate from KMS Outdoors for a mini roadtrip when she came to Banff from Ontario to fine tune her photography skills. (Hi Kate!) WE had already been following along and chatting on Twitter back in the day and it was clear that her passion for the outdoors is huge. Kate, now a keen Canadian citizen, takes the reader on a more insightful, inward, quiet journey. She uses her beautiful photos in posts like Wordless Wednesdays to inspire you to explore and implore the destinations. An avid camper and kayaker, Kate’s blog is a breath of fresh air – truly!

8. The Great Canadian Bucket List

Robin, claiming Canada as his adopted home, is the fine chap behind this incredible blog. As the site claims, it is stocked full of bucket list destinations and adventures across Canada. WE find this site super useful for helping to inspire trip planning whether you are road tripping solo or with the family or friends and on top of that he also penned a book that compliments the site. Worth the bookmark and the dreaming!

9. Toque and Canoe

This isn’t an award winning blog for nothing! Toque and Canoe covers it all from experiences in the outdoors to arts and culture to food and wine. Kim and Jen nailed it for Canadian Culture when curating this blog. They cover every nook and cranny of our broad nation and yes – they even write about hotels….er…..but if you want inspiration by the province and to truly explore, this is the site to check out. And the name – Toque and Canoe – well is says it all, eh?!

10.Dax Justin – Blog

A most inspirational story led Dax on a journey that changed his life. He is proof that getting outside, breathing in nature and exploring your curiousities really is the best medicine. Based out of Calgary, Dax explores Canada in pursuit of “feeling alive.” And WE love it! His journeys are showcased with amazing landscape visuals to take story telling to a whole new level. A TedX speaker, Dax inspires us to get off our couch and get out there and pursue the amazing!

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