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Enhancing your RV experience with reliable and cost-effective RV rentals in Canada. Make your travel better with our RV rentals and listings.

Who We Are

RV Travel Central (RVTC)was established to make RVing much more convenient for more people and families who want to do new things, create cherishable memories, and share their love of RVing with others.

We offer an amazing chance to experience new areas and obtain ideas for your next holiday destination, whether you are travelling to Canada for the first time or are a citizen of the wonderful country. There is so much to see in Canada that deciding where to begin your RV rental Canada vacation might be difficult.

With our RV rentals, you can travel to each region and find out what it is known for in terms of stunning parks and exciting activities.


Our primary principle is to connect people together from all parts of the world. We are constantly trying to improve the RV rental experience by adding new features regularly to make it easier for anyone to use, including RV renters and RV owners.

Going behind the wheel of a motorhome is a fantastic way to see the region while enjoying all the comforts of your home. RVing allows you to feel more connected with the city you are travelling to and with nature, as well as spend the night beneath the stars, no matter where you go.

We want to make that experience even better by offering premium-quality RV rentals across Canada. We make RV travel simple by connecting you with RV owners at your location. We also provide the country’s greatest range of dependable RV rentals.

There are dozens of options to choose from, such as luxury Class A for our seasoned road travellers, or a Class B or C for rookie RV drivers. You can also tow a fifth-wheel, a travel trailer, or even a folding trailer.

You can refine your search and analyze RV rental pricing, features, and customer reviews, among other things. You can even have an RV sent to your location if you don’t feel like driving. It’s your experience, and you get to decide what you want to do with it. We will gladly help you in every RV travel of yours.


Our Mission

Remember when travelling for a family vacation was something you looked forward to every year as a kid? Stopping in a mid-way at each famous place along the way, playing games with our cousins, or getting lost and ending up discovering a beautiful sight. You can continue the tradition and create new memories with your children, which they can carry on with their kids. These are the kinds of memories that can’t be made on a plane or in a guesthouse. The type of experiences that come from making plans that are both imaginative and adaptable. RV Travel Central has risen from small beginnings to become one of Canada’s leading RV rental and listing firms. The company’s status as a leading firm has been reached by a mix of advances in professional and well-trained members, innovative technology, and ongoing investment, maintenance, and upkeep of its RV fleet

We offer travellers the opportunity to explore their own corner of Canada with its RV rental. We like to preserve the memories that our guests share with family and friends about their time in their dream RV.

Our sole concern is the safety of our customers and for that, we provide numerous RV services, including roadside assistance, travel assistance, rewards visa, RV & auto insurance, and life & health insurance. We also offer RV extended warranty to make sure our customers are fully secured.

We have the knowledge and contacts with the leading suppliers in the area to ensure that we provide you with the perfect motorhome for your vacation at a budget-friendly possible. We work with local RV owners and can get you the best bargain on RVs for your comfort.

Our devoted team of experts is here to assist you and offer guidance for a one-of-a-kind travel experience not everyone can offer. Visit our website or contact us directly to get started on your unforgettable RV experience


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The Founder's Story

Aaron founded RV Travel Central in 2021 after realizing their own private RV rentals were leading to a significant amount of extra income. Check out our appearance on CBC’s Dragon Den and their founding story.

Who We Are

RV Travel Central is North America’s top rated RV rental marketplace, providing outdoor enthusiasts with a safe and affordable way to rent unique and authentic RVs from private owners.

As an owner first platform, RV Travel Central has empowered thousands of RV entrepreneurs to share their passion and earn additional income when their RVs are not in use.

With comprehensive insurance coverage, 24/7 roadside assistance, an easy-to-use app, and best-in-class support, RV Travel Central is the easiest and most secure way to rent an RV.

Find the perfect RV for your road trip today, or let us help you find what you are looking for!

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