Why a Teardrop Trailer is the Perfect Adventure RV

Why a Teardrop Trailer is the Perfect Adventure RV

You’ve heard of the minimalist movement. You know, those tiny houses and the people living with less but experiencing more.  Along with this movement, teardrop trailers have exploded in popularity.

A teardrop trailer is a compact and affordable RV alternative that can be pulled by almost any car. Also, camping with a teardrop trailer gives you many benefits.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about all of the benefits that make a teardrop trailer the perfect adventure RV. If you’ve already done some research and are ready to rent, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to see some of the best teardrop trailers you can rent right now.

Affordable Travelling

While you can purchase a teardrop trailer for a low price, why not try it before you buy it by simply renting one on RvTravelCentral for a fraction of the price. If you decide to purchase a teardrop trailer, think about listing it on RvTravelCentral and earn extra money when you’re not using it for your camping trips. Talk about savings and affordability!

Did you know that by listing your teardrop trailer, your trailer will be covered by RvTravelCentral $1 million insurance policy during every rental? It covers physical damage, theft, fire, vandalism, acts of nature, and personal liability, all included with every trip.

If you plan on renting a teardrop trailer for your upcoming camping holiday, we recommend visiting RvTravelCentral, where you can easily search for available RVs in your area through the search bar located on the main page. You can rent affordably from a local owner and also save up to 35%! Why not own the experience and not the trailer? That’s a win-win.


Light Weight and Environmentally Friendly

According to Canadian manufacturer Northern Teardrop, teardrop trailers can be towed easily by most cars, so you do not need to own a large SUV or truck. All you need is a hitch and correct wiring, which can be easily installed on almost any vehicle by a variety of service shops (chat with us or a RvTravelCentral owner to find out where).

Towing a teardrop trailer has minimal impact on your tow-vehicle’s fuel economy, due to their small stature, light weight, and excellent aerodynamics.

Teardrop trailers also have a very low impact on the environment. Not just because of the fuel efficiency; they also make minimal contact with the ground.

Explore More

Teardrops allow for more adventuring than most RVs! You can bring a teardrop trailer pretty much anywhere your vehicle will go. Don’t just stay at the campground! Get out and explore the countryside!

In short, if you love being active outdoors, you’ll enjoy your adventures even more with a rented teardrop trailer behind you!

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