How to save $500 Every Month

How to save $500 Every Month

Here are some simple tips to save $500 each month. When you step on that financial scale and review your budget we all feel a bit overweight looking at the numbers. It is overwhelming to think of ways to save an extra $20, $50, or $100 per month, after all we all hate change, especially where budgeting is concerned. But change doesn’t have to be painful. You can easily add an extra $500 dollars to your bottom line by following these simple tips below.

Pack Your Lunch

We are all guilty of buying lunches out instead of packing one at home. After all who wants to pack their lunch the night before, especially after how hard you worked all day and the evening you had running the kids here and there. You have earned that lunch out the next day, right? Well here is the bad news, that lunch trip gets expensive real quick fast. For example, if you eat out 5 days a week (20 times per month) and if you spend $10 per day, that is $200. Look you just saved $200 by brown bagging it. You’re Welcome!

Skip Expensive Coffee

Do you have to start your day with a coffee just to function? Or maybe it is more than that. Maybe you treat yourself to a nice Starbucks a few times a week because you deserve it. As we just discussed in the lunch example above you may be able to save some money here too. The $5 dollar latte’s add up not only on the financial scale but on your waistline ( I will save that for another blog). If you spend $15 dollars a week on coffee, that’s $60 per month….or over $700 dollars a year! I know you deserve it and you are worth it, but really…come on, is the coffee really that good? Try brewing it yourself at home or, drink the free coffee at the office. It might not be as good as the Starbucks or Tim Hortons, but it’s free, and nothing beats the taste of free!

Cut the Cord…..Cable that is

For a lot of people this may be a difficult decision to make, you know with all the new shows on traditional cable networks and if you missed them you can get your binge watching fix on sites like Netflix, Crave TV. If you are like most people we spend way too much time vegging out in front of the TV each evening. Too much time nowadays is spent on the couch and not enough time experiencing real life outside with real live people……they actually exist. When and if you decide to cut the cord I guarantee your social life will get so much better. You will find you will be healthier, have more energy and actually have time to catch up with those “real people” called friends, I told you about, and their names aren’t Monica or Chandler. Here is the best part, on average cable bills alone are approx. $70 per month….every month, which you can save. Imagine putting almost $1000 per year back in your pocket instead of spending it on hundreds of channels you never watch anyway. You may wish to keep the internet and Netflix in case you want to binge.


Most people know the best way to get rich isn’t always to spend less (although that helps) it is to earn more. It is tough to cut expenses because it feels like you are the only one that has to do it or you feel like you are missing out, after all it’s only a coffee. The truth is it is good to be aware of your monthly expenses, especially the small perceived insignificant purchases. You can only cut your spending so much before there isn’t any more to cut, but you can earn an unlimited amount of money. Trying to convince your boss to give you that raise you deserve isn’t always easy, but there are easy ways to make more money on the side that you probably didn’t even know existed. One that any travel trailer owner can take advantage of is RVTravelCentral. The average RVTravelCentral member earns $100 per day renting out their trailer. Sign up today and if you’re like the average RVTravelCentral member, making $100 per day, you may not have to cut that cord, coffee or lunch out.

Be Habitual

With just those few changes, you can save money every month. Think about what you are going to do with all the money you save or make on RVTravelCentral. Or, even better, invest it and save for your retirement. Heck even if you are better than me and practise all the above cost saving tips, you can still add to your bank account

with RVTravelCentral.

Happy Camping


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