How to get your RV ready for summer

How to get your RV ready for summer

School will soon be out for summer vacation, and camping season will be ramping up quickly! Here are a few tips to de-winterize and get your RV ready for summer:

Clean it:

If your RV has been locked away all winter, chances are a few creepy crawlies might have made it their home. Thoroughly clean all surfaces, cupboards and corners to rid them of webs, nests, or dead insect bodies (yuck). Be sure to check plumbing, hoses, and the RV’s undercarriage. Here are some extra tips for cleaning your RV.

Test it:

Test all appliances and electrical equipment to make sure they’re in good working order. Check each outlet by plugging in a small lamp or device to make sure it’s working. Don’t skip these critical RV maintenance tasks, either!

Check it:

Check tire pressure, gauges, and all hoses and connectors to make sure they’re clean and working correctly. Take the RV for a spin around the neighbourhood (and on a highway, if you can) to make sure it drives smoothly.

Capture it:

Are you updating any decor, appliances or linens this year? Make sure your RV listing makes a good first impression by take some updated photos of your rig. For inspiration, check out these tips for taking irresistible pictures of your RV.

Prepare it:

Now that everything is clean and working, it’s time to package it up with a bow and get that RV ready for renters. Do you include special linens, a welcome basket, or gourmet chocolates? If you go above and beyond for your renters, now is the time to get these extra perks ready.

Once you’ve cleaned, tested, checked, captured, and prepared your RV, you’re ready to take it out camping yourself, or rent it on RV Travel Central. Happy summer!

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