Bring The Family Together With An RV Holiday

Bring The Family Together With An RV Holiday

This weekend is all about celebrating family. What better way to mark Family Day than by planning an RV holiday with your loved ones?

After all, you’ve probably spent the last few months cooped up inside, venturing out only to shuffle to work or school. And even when you’re home, it’s getting harder to find that quality time with your family.

Here’s why an RV holiday is perfect for reconnecting and bonding with your family and getting back to what’s most important in life.

Quality time

The daily grind is making it harder to spend meaningful, quality time with your family. Study after study has shown Canadians are spending less time on family activities, especially meals.

Even when you’re at home together, everybody has their own separate commitments; parents are thinking about work, kids are thinking about homework and running in different directions to after-school activities.

But once you’ve loaded up the RV and set off on the road, all you need to think about is the adventure ahead. You experience the journey together, eat together, discover new hobbies and bond over amazing activities.

It’s good for your health

Aside from the physical benefits of outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and swimming, a range of studies have shown being away from urban environments can be good for your mental health, too.

From reducing anxiety to boosting your focus, and even improving your short-term memory, reconnecting with nature and unplugging from the stress of city life can improve your mental health well being.

And speaking of memory…

Making memories

Everyone remembers their family road trips. Everybody can look back with fondness at the time they could leave their worries behind, hit the open road, and reconnect with the wilderness around them, together with their loved ones.

Memories of playing, exploring campsites, and eating s’mores by the fire while making friends as a kid, or breathing in the fresh air and watching your kids get up to mischief and laughing as an adult, will stick in your mind long after the RV has been returned.

Do you know what people don’t remember?

Sitting at home, the afternoon commute, or watching TV on the couch, day after day.

The trip might only last a weekend, but those memories will stick with you for a lifetime.

New experiences (and friends!)

If you don’t leave your bubble, how are you going to discover new activities and experiences you’ll love? An RV trip is a great way to meet new people, who’ll inspire you with their own adventures.

It’s easy to connect with others who share your passion for adventure and escapes when you’re at a campground together.

Plus, being out on the road and in nature means expecting the unexpected. Spotting rare animals in the wild, coming across a stunning view off the beaten track, and seeing nature in a new light won’t happen unless you head into the great outdoors.


What does a road trip have over, say, a flight, or a tour? You set the agenda.

No waiting in a sterile lounge, crossing your fingers that the flight delay won’t make you miss your connection. No anxiously checking the clock at designated stops, wondering if you’ll have enough time before climbing back on the tour bus.

You choose your path, pace, and stops along the way. The decisions are made as a family, without the input of pilots, tour guides or other passengers.


Even if you aren’t that interested in getting away from absolutely everything, there are plenty of campgrounds with some creature comforts to enjoy.

If you’re stuck for ideas, look for campgrounds with planned kids’ activities, or organized evening activities.

And that’s without mentioning the sheer variety of different RVs available, from an A-frame all the way up to this luxury trailer. You can have that rustic getaway, an action-packed adventure, or a relaxed, luxury escape. It’s your choice!


When you’re towing an RV, there’s no need to worry about what your accommodation is going to look like at your destination. From the moment you rent your RV, you know where you’ll be sleeping, as well as the base for your holiday. No panicked returns to reception when you discover you’re a bed short or need to pack your bags every morning of a multi-destination road trip.


The cost of those plane tickets and accommodation fees add up quickly, especially with a couple of kids in tow. A road trip, especially if you’re renting through RVTravelCentral, slashes those costs, leaving you free to experience more for less (and have more road trips in the future!).

What was your favorite family RV holiday? Where did you go, and what made it so special?

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