5 Tips to Making a Killer Trailer Listing

5 Tips to Making a Killer Trailer Listing

It goes without saying that creating a strong listing boosts your chances of renting your travel trailer. At RVTravelCentral, we’ve made the listing process as simple as possible while still providing the opportunity to let your trailer’s personality shine. But when you’re creating your listing, it’s easy to get focused on getting it finished and live, rather than making sure it’s showcasing your travel trailer in the best possible light.

So here are 5 tips to make your listing the best it can be.

1) Provide great photos. A lot of them.

A picture says 1,000 words, so make sure you have high quality photos from as many angles as possible. These days, online shoppers have become used to being able to see what they’re looking for, and will rarely rent or buy anything sight unseen.

Take at least one picture of every room, every angle from the outside, showcase storage areas, cooking areas, lounging areas, sleeping areas, bathrooms, hook-ups, everything.  If the travel trailer expands, show it in every configuration. The more opportunities guests have to picture themselves in your trailer, the better. And if you can get a wide angle lens, it’s great to get some “Wide Shots” with as much of the interior in a single photo as possible, so your viewers get a sense of how everything fits together.

Photo quality is equally important. Poor quality photos can do more harm than good, and may even have potential guests passing over your listing and checking out the next one. Having great photos also shows that you care about your trailer, so your guests are more likely to do the same.

Floor plan images are extremely helpful for guests.

If you have a friend or family member with a high-end camera like an SLR, see if you can borrow it for an hour, or even consider hiring a professional to take the photos for you. It’s also a great idea to provide some photos of your trailer “in action”, so the next time you take it out be sure to snap some pictures!

Finally, if you’re listing on RVTravelCentral, the first photo you upload will become your Featured Photo, so pick one that grabs the eye!

2) Write an honest and fun description

A detailed description of your trailer is very important. Your description is your chance to have some fun and show some personality, so feel free to get a little flowery with the language to help guests imagine themselves in your trailer. 

Be sure to also include any “quirks” your trailer might have. Your reviews are partially based on the accuracy of the listing, so it’s important to be transparent with the good and not-so-good.

3) List every feature

Take the time to mark each and every feature the trailer has. Don’t assume that your customers will know about a feature just because it’s shown in the pictures, detailed in the description or comes standard with your trailer. Do you offer plates and cutlery? Does it have a washer/dryer? A single feature could make a world of difference to a potential guest.

We’ve made it easy to provide a full list of features when you create your listing. Simply click the check boxes and you’ll have an easy-to-read itemized list.

4) Treat it like a business

Your trailer may be what your customers are interested in, but you’re the real face they’ll deal with. Being professional, courteous and friendly is essential. Respond as quickly as you can to every message and request from your listing, and answer questions as completely as you can. And it may seem obvious, but be sure to read requests and questions carefully and address every point in the message. You’d be surprised how many people will answer only one question when their potential customers asked several!

Having a flair for customer service will not only set you above the average trailer owner, but it will help create a great relationship with your guests. Don’t be afraid to show some personality and connect with your guests on a more personal level. Making friends will ensure they are far more likely to book your trailer again in the future.

RVTravelCentral is also about helping people connect, create relationships and share their experiences. Share love and respect with your renters and the community, and you’ll get it back in spades!

5) Complete your Profile and Member Verification page

Your travel trailer rental listing will only go live on RVTravelCentral once you’ve completed your profile and your verification page. Be sure to include a proper, forward-facing profile photo of yourself (not your cat!) so your customers know who you are!

We hope these tips helped. If you have any other advice that has helped you in the past, don’t hesitate to share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and happy listing!


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