4 Assets That Deliver the Best Return on Investment

4 Assets That Deliver the Best Return on Investment

When a savvy investor looks at which investment vehicle to take, they typically trust and most think of traditional investments. Real estate and the stock market usually come to mind, but there are some assets with returns that will surprise you.

Real Estate

Most of self-made millionaires will tell you that real estate investing is the vehicle of choice. Investments in residential property historically have done well over the decades, minus a hiccups. They continue to generate income and property value typically increases for owners. Traditionally, if you wanted to make money in real estate, you were limited to two main ways. The first way is to buy low and sell high. The second method is to generate passive income through renting out the property. Times are a changing. Nowadays, a third method has emerged. Due to the popularity of the Sharing Economy, short term rentals on sites like Airbnb allow you to rent unused space in your home out. Their competitor VRBO has some homeowners making more than $60,000 per year renting their home to vacationers.

Stock Market

Picking your own stocks and putting your hard earned dollars into the stock market is even difficult for the most skilled investors. Over the long run institutions want you to believe turning a profit is easy in the long run. Many people have lost confidence in big business and Wall St. to do the right thing for the “little guy.” Some of the most famous investors say to diversify your portfolio to decrease risk. Warren Buffett suggests: “Put 10% of the cash in short-term government bonds and 90% in a very low-cost S&P 500 index fund.” – Warren Buffett Although Warren won’t tell you what his exact investments are, he suggests that the average investor puts 90% of their long-term, investable assets into an S&P 500 index fund. He does have good reasons for giving this advice. Since the very beginning, the average return was 15.79% including dividends. The 25 year annualized return is 12.89%. Most investors would agree that this is a good strategy with solid long term ROI.


In times of uncertainty many investors would say that gold is a great place to invest. Gold carries with it a long documented history of value. If you look at gold historically, in the mid-90’s gold’s value was about $400 dollars an ounce. Fast forward to 2011 it was approx. $1,900 per ounce. As with all investments there will be swings in the market that may affect your investments. In 2016, gold hovers about $1,200 an ounce. Still that is a great return on investment.

Travel Trailers

What? Trailers? Aren’t they only good for camping occasionally and don’t they depreciate in value once you leave the dealership. Nope, not anymore. As the example above with real estate, times are a changing again. Travel trailers are starting to earn back their value. Renting your travel trailer out in the sharing economy can turn that depreciating asset into a valuable, new asset class: rentable assets. If you could make an extra $5,000…$10,000 or $20,000 per year, how long until that idle travel trailer sitting in that storage yard or your driveway turns profitable. One, Two years, three?

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