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Benefits : flexible scheduling insurance coverage easy payouts

Here's how it works.


Create your listing

Add photos, a description, and location of your RV.


Review and Accept Bookings

Visit your dashboard and manage of all of your booking requests.


Hand Over the Keys

Meet the renter, give them the rundown on your RV, and some tips for traveling.


Get Paid

Expect money in your bank account within 24 hours of a returned rental.


Testimonials and success stories

Expect money in your bank account within 24 hours of a returned rental.

Trust and safety

Pre-screened renters

RVTravelCentral does a background check on guests renting your RV. Renters must have a valid driver's license with an unrestricted driving history for a minimum of 8 years and a clean insurance record.

Insurance Coverage

RVTravelCentral insurance covers your RV for collisions, fire, theft, or vandalism. Liability coverage protects you in case a guest gets hurt ($1M U.S. & $2M Canada). Your deductible is $0.

Your RV is protected

RVTravelCentral insurance covers your RV for collisions, fire, theft, or vandalism. Liability coverage protects you in case a guest gets hurt ($1M U.S. & $2M Canada). Your deductible is $0.

Here's how it works.

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RV Travel Central is the largest and most affordable RV rental marketplace that allows Canadian and American RV owners to connect with RV enthusiast to rent out their units and earn money while providing travelers with a safe and affordable way to travel in North America (excluding Mexico).

As an owner on the RV Travel Central platform, you can earn up to $1400/week. We provide all the insurance for your RV when it is being rented out. You and your RV are fully protected during every rental.

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Listing your RV on RV Travel Central is completely free! You have full control over all aspects of your rental business. You set your own pricing and availability, and you get to accept or decline any rental request that comes your way.

RV Travel Central provides all the insurance to your RV when it is being rented out so owners do not have to get a commercial insurance policy. We take care of all the marketing, payments, security deposits, tech support, and renter verification.

Renters will send you booking requests right to your inbox. You have the option of accepting or declining any request that comes your way. We recommend you ask all the essential questions related to their trip. You can even exchange phone numbers with your renters.

Once you feel comfortable with your renters, you can accept their booking request. If you get multiple renters requesting your RV for the same dates, you can accept all the requests because it is first come first serve. The first renter to pay the deposit on the rental will secure the RV for their dates. All other overlapping requests will be cancelled and your calendar will automatically be updated.

For a successful RV handover and a smooth rental process both the owner and the renter need to be comfortable with the rental taking place.

Make sure to reconfirm all the information that was previously exchanged during your communication and to thoroughly go through the RV.

The owner and renter should take the time to make sure the renter is comfortable with how the RV works and fully understands all instructions, and both the renter and the owner should be 100% comfortable as soon as the RV heads out.

RV Travel Central does a complete background check on all renters who are renting your RV. Once a booking request is paid, the renter is prompted to complete a background and driving record check.

Renters must be 25 years of age or have had an unrestricted drivers license for over 8 years. Renters must also have a valid drivers license, a clean insurance profile, as well as a valid credit card. If everything comes back positive they will be added as an “approved driver” to the booking.

Renters will need to complete this form even if the RV is being delivered.

Whenever you get a booking, RV Travel Central applies a service fee percentage to the total rental amount. A minimum service fee will be applied to all RV rentals if the percentage service fee falls below that minimum.

If you decide to feature your RV to be on the 1st page of result, there will be an additional 7% service fee.

Payments to owners are done through direct deposit. Owners are paid the first 50% of the payout 24 hours after the rental start date, and the second 50% is released when the RV is returned and the closeout process has been completed.

Click here for more information about payment, fees and taxes.

As an owner on RV Travel Central, we understand that you might need to cancel a booking if your RV is unfit to be on the road. If this occurs, the full amount paid will be refunded to the renter, including all fees and taxes. The owner will not receive any payout.

As an owner on RV Travel Central, your RV is fully protected by our commercial fleet insurance policy when it is being rented through us. What Is Included:

  • $2m Third Party Liability Coverage for Canada
  • $1m Third Party Liability Coverage for the United States
  • Collision & Comprehensive
  • Physical damage
  • Fire, Theft & Vandalism

How it Works: When you are using your RV for personal use you are covered by your own personal insurance policy. The minute your RV is rented through RV Travel Central, on the trip start date, the insurance coverage switches over to RV Travel Central’s rental policy and your RV is protected for the duration of the rental. After the rental is over, you are back to your own personal coverage.

Your personal insurance is never affected, and in case of any accident or collision, any claim will be handled by RV Travel Central.

RV Travel Central’s insurance coverage applies to all trailers across Canada, as well as motorhomes that are registered and plated in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Qualifying motorhomes and all trailers are able to travel all across Canada and the USA.

In the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure of an RV, the RV Travel Central’s roadside coverage that is offered to renters at an additional cost, will ensure that they are quickly and safely able to get off the road to the nearest repair facility.
At that point, it will be the responsibility of the owner to pay for any mechanical repairs of the RV so that the renter can continue on his/her vacation.

A dispute is opened on the website or the app when an owner and renter are unable to come to a resolution in relation to additional charges, damage charges, reimbursement etc. RV Travel Central’s resolution team gets involved when both parties are unable to agree on a resolution.
Once opened, a member of the resolution team will reach out and will review the case. Additional information or documentation will be required in order to assist in the resolution process.