RVTravelCentral has your back……We are here to protect you and your RV during rental periods with insurance along the way.

Insuring My RV

How does RV Travel Central insurance work and what is covered?
What is the insurance application and why do I have to fill it out?
What do I need to qualify for RV Travel Central’s insurance?
Is my RV insured while in the United States or Mexico?
Is my RV insured if it is picked up / delivered earlier than the booking dates?
Do I still need to have a personal policy?

Claims and Deductibles

Is insurance included in the rental?
Does the renter have to pay an additional fee for insurance coverage?
Can the renter opt out of insurance?
What are the different deductible levels and how much do they cost?
How does the renter know what the deductible level selected is?
The renter got in an accident / collision, what next?