Renter FAQ

Get insite on how the RVTravelCentral platform works.

What is RV Travel Central? How does this work?

RV Travel Central is the largest and most affordable RV rental marketplace that allows Canadian and American travellers to rent RVs in North America (excluding Mexico) in a safe and affordable way. We provide all the insurance for the RV when it is being rented out. You will be fully protected during every rental.

How does the booking process work?

As you browse on the website, you as a renter will be able to send booking requests or enquiries to private RV owners for your trip dates. After communicating with them and asking the relevant questions, you will decide if the rental is appropriate for you or not. You will be able to either make a payment or decline the requests that don’t fit your need.
We recommend you ask all the essential questions related to your trip and RV. You can even exchange phone numbers with the owners.We also recommend you send multiple booking requests to increase your chance of securing the RV you like.

How do I make sure the rental goes smoothly?

For a successful and a smooth rental process both the owner and the renter need to be comfortable with the rental taking place. Make sure to reconfirm all the information that was previously exchanged during your communication and to thoroughly go through the RV with the owner. You should take the time to make sure your are comfortable with how the RV works and fully understands all instructions, and both you and the owner should be 100% comfortable as soon as the RV heads out.

What is an approved renter (driver)?

RV Travel Central does a complete background check on all renters who are renting RVs on the website. Once a booking request is paid, the renter is prompted to complete a background and driving record check. Renters must be at least 25 years of age or have had an unrestricted drivers license for over 8 years. Renters must also have a valid drivers license, a clean insurance profile, as well as a valid credit card. If everything comes back positive they will be added as an “approved driver” to the booking. Renters will need to complete this form even if the RV is being delivered.

How do RV Travel Central’s service fee and payments work?

Whenever you make a booking, RV Travel Central applies a service fee percentage to the total rental amount. A minimum service fee will be applied to all RV rentals if the percentage service fee falls below that minimum.
Note that tax applies on the service fee.
A security deposit will be required 3 days before the start of the rental, and will be refunded when the RV is returned to the owner and the booking is closed out on the system.
Payments are done directly on the website with a payment card (debit or credit). We encourage you keep all communication and payments through the website for your security.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

RV Travel Central has put in place a fair cancellation policy for renters and owners. If a renter needs to cancel a booking, the cancellation policy will apply based on the cancellation date. If an owner needs to cancel the booking, the full amount paid will be refunded to the renter, including all fees and taxes.
Full cancellation information can be found here.

How does insurance work?

When renting on RV Travel Central, the RV is fully protected by our commercial fleet insurance policy for the full duration of the rental. What Is Included:

  • $2m Third Party Liability Coverage for Canada
  • $1m Third Party Liability Coverage for the US
  • Collision & Comprehensive
  • Physical damage
  • Fire, Theft & Vandalism

RV Travel Central’s insurance coverage applies to all trailers across Canada, as well as motorhomes that are registered and plated in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Qualifying motorhomes and all trailers are able to travel all across Canada and the USA. RV Travel Central’s insurance coverage applies to all trailers and motorhomes across the United States. Motorhomes registered in the state of New york do not qualify for RV Travel Central’s insurance coverage and owner’s are responsible to have the proper insurance coverage for peer to peer rentals.

How do deductibles and claims work?

During the booking process the renter will have the choice between 2 levels of deductible protections. Fees for each protection level are calculated on a per night basis. (Nightly prices are calculated on a number of factors including but not limited too, value, age, size, and location of the RV). The deductible levels are:

Standard Protection:

    • This level is added by default to booking requests. Renters will be responsible for a $1000 deductible in the case of an insurance claim.

Premium Protection

    • Renters can choose to upgrade to this level and they will be responsible for a $250 deductible in the case of an insurance claim.

In case of an accident or collision, any claim will be handled by RV Travel Central.

What if the RV breaks down?

RV Travel Central has partnered with a leading roadside assistance provider to offer renters the choice to opt into the roadside assistance program at an additional cost of $18/day. In the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure, the RV Travel Central’s roadside coverage will ensure that they are quickly and safely able to get off the road to the nearest repair facility. At that point, it will be the responsibility of the owner to pay for any mechanical repairs of the RV so that the renter can continue on his/her vacation. In the case of a breakdown contact the owner first to let them know what is going on and if the issues are serious reach out to RV Travel Central and we will be there to help.

How do I dispute charges?

If an owner has added charges that were not agreed upon or you think are unjust then during the review process you can dispute those charges by clicking the dispute button. Once you have disputed the charges a claims specialist from RV Travel Central will get in touch with both the renter and the owner in regards to the charges and help both parties come to a fair agreement.