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Drive Your Way Through Alberta’s Capital with RV Rental Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada’s greatest northern city and the capital of Alberta, is a thriving metropolitan centre in the middle of the wilderness. In the summer, the city shines 18 hours of sunshine a day, and in the winter, the river valley changes as the first snowfalls.

Edmonton is a city that can be explored at any time of year. Located only four hours west of Jasper National Park in the wide and desolate north, Alberta’s second-largest city, Edmonton, is modern, sprawling, and chilly for most of the year. In reality, Edmonton is much more than simply a transportation hub for people who spend considerable time in the city.

Edmonton’s downtown area is a hub of commerce, culture, skyscrapers, and the kind of urban ambiance that city-goers crave.

And guess what? You can explore all of Edmonton and more with an RV rental in Edmonton, Canada. Make your journey to Edmonton at ease with RV rentals from RVTravelCentral.

You can also rent your RV rental in Edmonton with RV Travel Central.

Edmonton A Mix of Chic and Country

Edmonton is a metropolitan city with a lot of urbanites living and visiting here. However, it is equally close to nature. For instance, Elk Island National Park is only 30 minutes outside of the city, and it’s heaven if you want to see a wide variety of species. Oh, and don’t forget about the North Saskatchewan River Valley, which provides a countryside atmosphere right in the middle of the city. You can take your RV rental in Edmonton, AB and travel around the city whenever.

The main attraction is the city’s burgeoning culinary culture. You can dine in on a variety of cuisines every night at a few of the city’s hippest clubs and restaurants. The Edmonton International Fringe Festival showcases the greatest in comedy, drama, and other forms of performing art.

What to Do While in Edmonton

It’s no secret that Canadian vacations are all about the weather, and Edmonton is no exception! Winter brings temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as several feet of snow and a slew of ice sports.

However, the long, warm days of summer are accompanied by an abundance of outdoor activities, cultural events, and, of course, lots of sunlight (after all, this is one of Canada’s sunniest regions!). Besides, if you are taking your luxury RV rental in Edmonton from RV Travel Central, you can travel to the city any time of the year.

A culinary tour, a historic streetcar ride, shopping at a mega-mall, and environmental exploration in Elk Island National Park are just some of the options available to visitors.

Edmonton has a lot to offer all year round ranging from Edmonton Pride (June), Edmonton Folk Music Festival (August), The Edmonton International Fringe (August) and Edmonton International Jazz Festival (June), and The Big Valley Jamboree (August).

Apart from that, there are several other places you can visit in the city. For instance, Muttart Conservatory has these enormous pyramid-shaped greenhouses that are a lot of fun to explore. Within the interesting buildings are plants from all over the world.

These pyramids are often transformed into a different theme for special occasions. It has a Shakespearean feel about it that will take you back in time. Just list your RV in Edmonton in the campground nearby and enjoy walking through these pyramids.

Looking for something to do in Edmonton as a foodie? How about eating your way through Edmonton’s history? The early twentieth century saw a large inflow of Ukrainians, so you can have a hearty lunch of Eastern European fare before heading to the 104th Street Market.

Visiting Edmonton isn’t complete without a stroll through the North Saskatchewan River Valley’s woodlands. Edmonton’s antique, vintage, and antique shops may easily fill an entire day. Old Strathcona has a smattering of them, but there are some located within walking distance of one another.

The Junque Cellar, run by Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society volunteers, has a diverse range of vintage and classic items, and the Peacock Boutique has a fantastic collection of used apparel, toys, and household items. You can also visit the Blackbyrd Cellar, which specializes in music equipment.

Apart from all this, a multitude of thrift shops can be found across the city.

Art galleries are prevalent in Edmonton, and you can visit a few during our stay. Look for art galleries in Edmonton using Galleries West’s search engine the Peter Robertson Gallery, The Front Gallery, Bear Claw Gallery, West End Gallery on 124th Street, which offers multiple art galleries within close reach.

Visit the Art Gallery of Alberta if you are seeking a wider selection but are not interested in purchasing.

One of Edmonton’s most attractive locations is Manchester Square. There are beautiful boutiques and a fountain in the promenade, as well as enormous flower paintings by local artist Alixandra Jade in this lovely European-inspired complex. Capture the illuminated structures both during the day and at night.

If you want to spend less on your transportation and more on your travel, you can go for cheap RV travels in Edmonton. It is best to check RV rental prices in Edmonton before you decide on one.

RV Campgrounds in Edmonton

After you book an RV in Edmonton, it is also important to look for a campground to park your RV. Here are some of the best RV parks and campgrounds where you can park your RV:

  • Glowing Embers RV Park & Travel Centre: They can accommodate groups of all sizes, from families to convention delegates, at any one of the more than 200 full-service locations. Several golf courses and commercial centres, including the West Edmonton Mall, are within easy driving distance. 
  • Diamond Grove RV Campground: It is very clean and highly maintained, and within walking distance from convenience stores and other amenities. 
  • Riverside RV Park: Riverside RV Park is situated on the north side of the North Saskatchewan River, providing access to 2.4 kilometres of waterfront and 300 acres of land to explore. 
  • Camp’n Class RV Park: Camp’n Class RV Park ranks as Alberta’s best year-round campsite for RVs. Camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits are only a short drive away from our lovely park nestled on the border of the historic town of Stony Plain. 
  • Rainbow Valley Campground: Has a small convenience store, dining options are available. It also has clean washrooms with showers, laundry facilities, wood-burning stoves, and more.


  1. What is the most cost-effective method of renting an RV?

The best method to obtain a cheap RV rental in Edmonton is to book it ahead of time – approximately 3 to 6 months before your pick-up/drop-off date. However, if this is not feasible, you can look for rental discounts to rent your RV at a lower rate. Compare different RV rental costs in Edmonton to discover the best one for you.

  1. What is the procedure for delivering an RV?

Most RV owners are happy to deliver and/or arrange their RV as a complimentary service to make your journey easier. For example, if you don’t want to travel, have a trailer brought to a nearby campsite where it is set up for you and taken away at the end of your camping stay. Saving you the hassle of towing it yourself and the need for a truck to haul it.

  1. What size RV should I rent?

It depends on your needs. If you need luxury living like a king-sized bed or a kitchen island, a luxury RV rental in Edmonton will be the right choice. But if you want a comfortable place to take it around and travel, booking a smaller RV will be better.

  1. What is the best RV for a beginner?

If this is your first time renting an RV, class B RVs are the safest and most comfortable. A class B RV is simple to operate and has a lot of passenger room in addition to having a lot of storage space for all your belongings. Furthermore, the safety bags keep travellers safe and comfortable.

  1. As an RV renter, how does insurance work for me?

There are many RV policies that cover both physical and liability harm to the rented RV as a result of covered accidents. The amount of coverage and the penalties vary based on the service you want as a renter. Before you commit to a rental, this information and prices will be explicitly displayed during the booking process.

  1. Is it legal to smoke in a rental RV?

It is best not to smoke in an RV to avoid any kind of problems and extra cleaning fees.

  1. Is it necessary to book a campground before renting a trailer?

Because campgrounds can be very crowded based on the period of the year, it is a smart option to book a spot before bringing the trailer.

  1. Is there anything else we have to do before we depart?

Clean any used kitchenware, wipe the counters, sweep the trailer, and discard any food or waste.

  1. Why is it necessary to keep an eye on my gas tank and battery levels when camping without a connection?

Since you are in charge of your water usage and do not overcrowd your grey and black storage tanks. You don’t want your batteries to drop below a third of their capacity, as you’ll need cell power to function the items in the RV. So, make sure to check your batteries and tank every once in a while.

  1. Can the RV be delivered to my house address?

Yes, at RV Travel Central, the RV will be delivered to your address, if you are a resident of Edmonton. Or else, it can be delivered to your campground or a predetermined location if the RV owner offers that service with their RV or Trailer rental.


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