Rent your Trailer or Motorhome to those in need.

Your trailer or motorhome can help front line response staff.

    How it Works

    1. Create a Listing

    Tell us about where your trailer or motorhome is located, how many people it can accommodate, and when it’s available. If you already have an RV (or several RVs) listed on our website, please go into the details section of your listing and choose the “Emergency Ready Unit” option as an amenity. This will ensure that your unit is available for rent during the pandemic.

    2. Respond to Booking Requests

    Renters will message you directly to book your trailer or motorhome. Make sure to ask where they need it delivered or picked up and any other pertinent information.

    3. Prep your RV

    Prepare your RV for delivery or pickup, ensure all the supplies are topped up. Here is a blog on how to sanitize your rig.

    How does this help?

    Support in self-isolation

    In times like these, your trailer or motorhome can provide temporary accommodation for first responders & critical resources that need a place to rest, recuperate and self Isolate.

    Humane Temporary Accommodation

    RVs are contained, safe, comfortable. With your RV, families can live in comfort, close to home, and self isolate if needed.

    Uniquely Mobile

    RVezy can mobilize its 5000+ RVs across Canada and deliver these to any critical businesses, hospitals and first responders in need.

    Our Commitment to Owners

    $1-2M Insurance

    You are fully protected! RVezy’s insurance policy covers all physical and collision damage with $1M liability United States owners and $2M for Canadian owners.

    Pre-Screened Renters

    All renters are verified and must qualify through the insurance check that will ensure that your RV is in great hands. We will also help coordinate and verify that your RV is being used to bolster the response to this crisis.

    Secure Payout System

    All transactions occurring through RVezy are secured and guaranteed with direct deposits. Helping during this crisis will also allow you to pad your own income which may have been affected.